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What's the difference between Catvision Standard remote and Catvision Deluxe remote?

Have you ever seen one of those old films where people are communicating messages by flashing lights at each other using morse code? TV remote controls work in a similar way but using a type of light called infrared (or IR for short). The remote control has an LED light in it which flashes really quickly to emit a message which is then picked up by the TV. The remote is called the transmitter, and the TV is called the receiver.

With a remote, you can easily switch from one station to another. For example, if you were watching your favorite show and it went to a commercial break, you could switch over to another show during that break without needing to stand up but Catvision Standard remote and Catvision Deluxe remote both have some differences.

Catvision Standard remote

What you call standard remote control is provided by Catvision, it controls just the device it was provided with which is Standard Definition DD Free Dish Set Top Box, though in some cases it may have a secondary function for user-selectable different devices like a TV remote could control DVD or the opposite.

Catvision Deluxe remote

A Deluxe remote control is dedicated to one device or one manufacturer’s line of devices. Each manufacturer’s remote sends both a manufacturer code as well as a key-function code to the device being controlled, which verifies that the manufacturer’s code is correct and then executes the function matching the key code. It comes along with High Definition DD Free Dish Set Top Box.

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