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  • How do I get service under warranty?
    During warranty period if set top box (STB) is required to be sent to Catvision’s Service Centre it should be sent on freight-paid basis. After repairs, Catvision will send back the STB to the customer on freight-paid basis.
  • Can I see paid channels on this Set Top Box?
    No, this STB is for watching DD Free Dish channels only.
  • Do the Set Top Boxes come with HDMI cable?
    We supply both HDMI and AV cables with our HD set top boxes only.
  • Are Accessories like Remote, Battery, AV Cable, HDMI Cable & Power Adaptor also under warranty?
    No, these accessories are not covered under warranty.
  • Can I receive radio channels on the STB?
    Yes, you can receive 30+ radio channels available on DD Free Dish platform.
  • How many channels of DD Free Dish are available on Catvision set top boxes?
    You can receive 150+ DD Free Dish channels on this set top box. This may change from time to time since Doordarshan keeps adding new channels and dropping some old ones.
  • Do the set top boxes have a USB port?
    Yes, almost all set top boxes have one USB port
  • Can I change the channel without using the remote?
    Yes, channel up/down keys have been provided on the side panel of the STB. In addition, in case your remote is lost or damaged, you can download the Catvision Remote from the Google Play Store.
  • Can we use other DTH dish antenna like Tata Sky, Airtel, Dish TV, D2H to watch DD Free Dish?
    Yes, you can use these dish antenna but need to re-align the dish antenna to DD Free Dish satellite GSAT15. Any installer of dish antennas can do it for you.
  • How many Telugu, Bengali, Marathi etc. channels are available?
    Several. Please check channel list on DD Free Dish official website:
  • Is the Catvision smart camera made in China?
    No, it is made in India at Catvision's Manufacturing unit.
  • Is the Camera waterproof or water resistant?
    No, It is for Indoor use only.
  • Can we connect this camera to an external power bank?
    It can be powered by USB from power bank, but there is one risk or possibility: the camera may restart automatically in case the external power supply is not stable. So it is suggested not to connect camera to external power bank.
  • Does the camera work on online stream in case I don’t want to use SD card?
    Yes, you can watch real time stream but it will not record.
  • Will the camera work on a PC or screen other than mobile?
    No, it works on mobile screen only.
  • Can we see the live signal from out of station?
    Yes, you can watch the live signal from anywhere in the world using the internet.
  • Can I buy multiple cameras and have access on the same phone?
    Yes, you can have multiple camera access on the same phone.
  • Can we reduce the video quality to increase the record time?
    Yes, it has option of SD/HD (low/high resolution). Recording will be longer on SD.
  • Can this camera operate 24×7 without switching off even for a second?
    Yes, it is meant for this purpose.
  • Can the recording be done on smart phone?
    No, it records only on microSD memory card.
  • How many days recording can we have with 128GB microSD card?
    SD video format takes approx. 2GB space per day and HD video format takes approx. 3GB per day.
  • Will it work with iPhone?
    Yes, it works with both iPhone and Android.
  • How many phones can share one camera?
    One camera can support one main user’s phone and 4 additional mobile phones at the same time, so total 5 phones can share one camera.
  • Can I watch camera video on my TV instead of phone?
    No, it's not supported.
  • Does the camera connect to the internet automatically after power failure once power resumes?
  • Does this camera have voice recording?
    Yes, this camera has very clear voice recording.
  • Once memory is full in SD card how to delete old recording?
    It will automatically remove the previous recording and replace it with the new recording.
  • Can i schedule recording hours?
    No, it's not supported.
  • Once power goes off will the recorded video get deleted?
    No, recorded video does not get deleted, even if power goes off.
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