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What are Grey Markets, and Why Avoid them? (Set Top Box Edition)

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Grey market is a term used to describe products not officially produced or distributed by one of the manufacturers. The quality of grey market products, like set top box (STB), is not as good as branded products because the factories producing these items are not required to follow the same standards and quality requirements as branded manufacturers. Also, the original manufacturer may have made faulty electrical circuits or parts that lead to a dangerous situation for your family.

These set top boxes do not come with any legal documentation or licence from the government; therefore, they are illegal according to the law. So, if anyone asks for proof of purchase or mentions these boxes during a police check, it will become an issue for you.

If you have decided to buy a grey market set top box, then there are some things that you need to keep in mind before purchasing:

Disadvantages of buying set top box from the grey market:

1. The main disadvantage of buying a set top box from the grey market is the fake product. The products are not original, and there is no warranty or guarantee. You may get a defective product, leading to many problems.

2. Another major disadvantage of buying a set top box from the grey market is that you do not know its quality, features, and specifications. You cannot get any information about these things, so it's difficult for you to decide whether the product is good enough or not.

3. A set top box from the grey market might have used some cheap parts inside the device to save cost; this can lead to many issues like faulty electric circuits, etc.

4. When you buy a set top box package from a company not authorised by your home country, there is no guarantee that they will work with your country's laws or regulations. You may even be at risk of prosecution for importing grey market products into your country.

5. You will not get any support from the manufacturer directly when using a grey market device. It is possible you may not even know who manufactured your set top box and what company makes it available on the market.


Grey market goods are usually of limited quality and may not be safe for use in countries that require strict safety standards. So, instead of buying from grey market, go to Catvision’s website and get a BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) Certified set top box.

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