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What Makes Catvision CSR-402HP with WiFi STB Different From Others?

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

The evolution of Free-to-Air set top boxes (STBs) has significantly impacted the lives of individuals in India. It has become one of the reasons why people across the country can watch TV channels for free. This service proved to be most beneficial during the pandemic when this huge network of channels indeed kept the common people well-aware of the current situations and offered general entertainment as well.

In this blog, we will introduce you to the highly advanced and robust set top box model CSR-402HP with WiFi manufactured by Catvision, one of the pioneers and leading companies in the field of video delivery. What makes this STB unique?


115 Channels of News, Movies, Sports and Entertainment - FREE

This model of STB receives over 115 channels of news, movies, sports and entertainment. These are channels – a mix of both private and public – that are broadcast from satellite over the Free Dish service of Door Darshan. The unique thing about this service is that it is completely FREE.. No need to pay any monthly charges whatsoever.

The current viewership of the Free Dish service is 44 million – almost double that of Tata Play (23 million) and more than double that of Airtel (17 million).

YouTube, DailyMotion and other streaming apps cast from your mobile phone - FREE

The Catvision STB has built-in Wi-Fi, making this box a powerful gadget. A casting application named ‘Tubio’ is integrated with the box that helps casting YouTube, DailyMotion, and other streaming apps from your mobile phone or tablet to your TV via this STB. Besides this, you can also cast local media from your phone/tablet to the TV. Tubio is based on the widely-accepted DLNA protocol.

This STB comes with one USB port that helps you watch the stored content, such as movies and video clips. Furthermore, you can also revive your old memories and moments, such as your baby’s first birthday, marriage ceremonies, etc., by connecting the USB device containing all these moments to the STB.

The STB is also pretty efficient performance-wise, offering streamlined experience to the users. It is a perfect solution to seamlessly stream content without worrying about the monthly subscription bills.

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