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Motion and Sound Detection Wifi Camera

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

All modern home security systems offer a variety of useful features and functions, but none are as important as an integrated motion detector.

One of the main benefits is burglary protection. The sooner thieves are spotted, the sooner the police will be at your door. Wifi home security cameras with motion detection will immediately detect a movement and notify you via an app on your smartphone, if something changes at home.

The Catvision Wifi home security camera allows you to check in on your home from virtually anywhere, just by using your phone. The app not only allows you to look into your own four walls whilst on the move, it also notifies you as soon as the Catvision Wifi home security camera’s motion sensors detect something. If an intruder is spotted by your security camera, a notification will be sent directly to you via the app. It allows you to immediately check what’s happening in the live stream and notify the police in the case of an emergency.

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