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How to connect your Catvision 360-degree camera with Smart Life App?

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

360º Catvision motion detection camera is Designed & Made in INDIA. Engineered for the Security Needs of the Indian Market. It pans 360 degrees and tilts 90 degrees and captures 1080P full HD.

The Smart WiFi Camera has Safe Storage that can Locally store up to 128 GB on a microSD card, equal to 384 hours (16 days) of footage.

It has Advanced Night Vision which provides a visual distance of up to 30 ft. You can install the Catvision 360º HD CCTV Smart WiFi Camera in a few minutes. As we prep a more in-depth review, let’s take you through the set-up process now, step by step.

Pairing with Smart Phone

Download and install the “Smart Life – Smart Living” app on your mobile phone either by scanning the QR code below or from Google Play Store / Apple App Store.

For Android For iOS

Open the “Smart Life– Smart Living “app on your mobile phone, register with your email address and login.

STEP 1: Open the “Smart Life” App on your mobile phone.

STEP 2: Press the ‘+’ in the upper right corner of the main screen.

STEP 3: Choose “Camera & Lock” on the left menu.

STEP 4: Click “Smart Camera (Wi-Fi)” to add a camera.

STEP 5: Select “Make sure the indicator is flashing quickly or a prompt tone is heard”. Then click “Next”.

STEP 6: Select a 2.4 GHz WI-Fi network and enter a password. Select the Next button to go to the next screen.

STEP 7: A QR code will appear on your mobile screen. Show this QR code screen to the camera. Ensure the camera is about 20-30 cm away from the phone screen.

STEP 8: You will hear a prompt sound from the camera, indicating that the camera has scanned the QR code. Click “I Heard a Prompt” on the mobile screen. The mobile screen shows “Adding device…”

STEP 9: After successful connection, the mobile screen shows “Added successfully”. Press “Done”.

STEP 10: The screen will jump to the camera’s live interface.

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