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Catvision 360 Camera-The Antidote To Crime Shows?

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Do you get Goosebumps after watching crime shows?

Do they make you worry about your family’s safety?

While these fears may be very real, there’s a new antidote for this poison.

Introducing the Catvision 360 Degree HD home security Camera. It’s not just a regular camera. It can record videos in 360 degrees rotation, a high-definition video output, night vision recording, and motion detection. Delivering complete surveillance to protect your home and workplace.

Catvision 360 Degree Camera

Catvision 360° Camera is a new generation security camera that delivers high-quality images with a wide viewing angle, easy to install and use. The 360° camera captures every image in crystal-clear 1080p (optional) definition.

The intelligent AI technology automatically recognizes a moving object and tracks the object in real time. The Camera uses advanced hardware and software to ensure there are no missed images or false alarms.

It also has an integrated motion detection feature that alerts you when motion is detected in your home or office.

Why Catvision 360-Degree Camera

1. The Security:

360-degree cameras are designed to capture high-resolution images in 360 degrees around the device. This means you could quickly get a view of anything around you without moving from your place. Protecting your home from intruders is easier than ever with these cameras. You can catch intruders before they see you and take action accordingly.

2. Safety:

These cameras are also very safe for use as they don't require any additional wiring, just plug and play. Not only this, these cameras record both audio and video at the same time so that it is easy for you to check what happened before taking action against any intruder or person who may enter your premises unannounced.

3. Flexibility:

This 360-degree Camera comes with an impressive range of motion, which allows you to record 360° horizontally and 94° vertically. It easily adjusts its angle according to your preferences and settings, ensuring a complete line of sight.

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