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Benefits of Catvision 360-Degree Camera

The Catvision 360° Camera is an excellent way to protect your home, especially if you are a busy person. You all must hear about 360° Cameras, how they are different from regular Cameras and how better they are in terms of the safety and security of the home.

But Catvision brings you a new and improved version of the 360-degree Camera with immense benefits. This 360-Degree Camera has been designed to keep home users' needs in mind who want to protect their homes from burglars or intruders. The company wanted to ensure that it would meet all the needs of its customers in terms of quality, performance, and reliability. The new model has been designed to fit easily into any room in your house.

Let's discuss them in detail

BIS certification:

Cat vision 360 degree is BIS Certified, i.e., Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) in India. The BIS certification indicates third party, i.e., BIS assurance of any product's quality, reliability, and safety to the customers.

18-month warranty:

Catvision provides you with 18 Months Warranty, which no other similar camera brand provides you, and a hands-on, satisfactory Customer Care Service.

Made in India Product:

The most significant benefit of the Catvision Camera is that it’s made in India. This ensures that there will be no parts shortage or other issues related to the Camera's quality, functionality & customer care.

It’s finally time to adopt home-grown products.

Safety in Pocket:

Your home safety is now in your pocket; you can view footage on your phone. It is as easy as watching reels on Instagram.

Complete 360-degree protection:

This 360° Camera comes with an impressive range of motion, 360° horizontal view, and 94° vertical view, which allows you to easily adjust its angle according to your needs while recording videos or pictures from different angles.

High Definition (1080p Resolution):

Catvision 360° HD cameras are designed to capture high-resolution images and videos in 1080p, 720p, and other lower resolutions. Gone are the days when your recordings will be blurry, or hazy.

Motion Detection and Night Vision:

The Catvision 360-Degree camera version has a built-in night vision feature that allows you to see what is happening around your house, even when it is dark outside. The Camera also comes with a motion sensor that detects any movement in the surrounding vicinity and alerts you immediately with a warning alarm on your device.


The Catvision 360-Degree Camera is an excellent deal for those looking to increase security in their habitat. This camera has it all, the best quality, affordable price, and amazing warranty claim & period. The manufacturer, Catvision, is known for making quality products since 1970 and their reputation ensures that this Camera lives up to their standards.

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