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Advantages of motion detection camera over regular CCTV

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Many of our customers have often asked if our cameras support motion detection and how this feature could benefit them. In this article, we will share some advantages of motion detection cameras.

What are motion detection cameras?

A motion detection camera is a camera that gets activated by detecting motion. The detection can be done by measuring the speed or the vector of the objects in the field of view. The camera can be activated by turning on the flood light, starting the alarm, or recording. This camera can work in a more innovative way than those that do not have this feature.

With this feature, the user can configure a chain of events such as triggering the recording and sending out email alerts once the camera determines motion/movement in the surveillance area.

Some key benefits of using motion detection cameras:

Enhances Security

Suppose you compare the functionality of the non-motion and the motion detection camera. In that case, you will realize that the motion camera provides much better security with night vision, motion sensors, and video recording features.

Whether you are looking for protection in your home, business premises or office, the motion camera is the best option. You can always see what happened to the belief when you were away.

It is much more reliable

A motion detection camera is far more reliable than a non-motion or any other surveillance camera. It's because the digital camera only captures essential scenes. In addition, the camera is designed in a way that if it is to trigger any alarm, then it does so after sensing motion. If the camera is set to record, it also starts recording once there is motion.

You get an alarm only when necessary. This advantage is that you can save a lot of memory for the camera to record only essential scenes.

Remote monitoring

With motion video cameras, you can leave the house knowing you can check in anytime. Using the security app, you can look through the video cameras at any time and see what's happening around the house.

Thanks to remote monitoring, you have eyes on your home at all hours of the day, even in a different country.

Can save your money

Most people might claim that this cannot be true, but when you look carefully at this logic, you can realize that it will save you a lot of money. In the typical circumstance, when you do not have a camera, you might need to hire more guards to take care of your property.

In this case, you will be paying them every month. But with the camera, you will buy it once, and you will do away with the cost of producing the guards all that time.

Night vision

Motion detection isn't limited to the daytime, and it also continues to do its job late into the night. Because of this, if the motion sensor triggers the video recording at night, you know there is something to look for.

Instant notifications

Most motion sensor cameras can connect to an app on your mobile device. When you connect to the app, the motion sensor camera will alert you the moment that the motion sensor is triggered.

This camera helps you to stay aware of your home's security. It also helps to protect your family and alert you every time someone enters or exits the house.


Generally, motion detection cameras can significantly help you have better surveillance in many different applications if you are thinking of how you can use motion detection cameras to your benefit.

Do not hesitate to reach out to our team of experienced advisors for professional advice, and now keep your eyes on your loved one with Catvision 360 Degree camera.

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