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Advantages of Catvision Smart Security Camera’s 360 Degree Feedback system.

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

The Catvision 360-degree feedback process is a way to assess employees' performance by having them receive anonymous, confidential feedback from the people associated with them, including their supervisors and direct reports. One of the best benefits of this process is that leaders/managers use it to determine organizational strengths and weaknesses.

When organizations implement 360-degree feedback, there are obvious benefits and disadvantages.

Let's explore the advantages of 360° Feedback

  • Helps in creating Self-awareness: 360-degree feedback helps bridge the gap between what employees think of themselves and others' opinions of them. It is a good practice for self-awareness. It benefits the organization and acts as a guiding light for employees.

  • Works on training gaps: 360-degree feedback system reports give an overall view of the employee's personality by collating all replies from colleagues, subordinates, managers, or clients and analyzing everyone's response.

  • Helps in giving insight into employee work: The main benefit of a 360-degree appraisal for employers is understanding an employee's role in the company beyond what they see in the outcomes of tasks. It helps higher-ups understand how the worker fits in with the team and other nuances that don't necessarily translate into the finished product of a work assignment.

  • Helps increase transparency within the organization: When 360 feedback executes well and professionally, the organization has a significant foundation and knowledge pool to assess its HR and recruiting policies and management team structure. By realizing the true purpose of 360-degree feedback, organizations can tap into unrealized potential and idea generation from their employees regarding how to improve operations and any other changes to the company.

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